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Essay Thinker is your trustworthy assistant in the world of writing services. Our experts can deal with any type of writing you might need at school, college or for your professional needs. These may be various essays, reports, summaries, research papers, theses and many more. Also, we offer to write CVs and resumes for those who already work.


When you work with EssayThinker you can be sure that all the personal information and financial data you share with us is effectively protected. We never sell it to any third parties nor use for advertising purposes. It is used exclusively to provide you with the best service possible. To make sure that it is safe we use secure servers and a SSL processor for all transactions.


Our professional writers are your ticket to success. That’s why we take a very close look at them before hiring. All our experts are native English speakers who do not only have a certain degree and experience in the field but also have undergone special training at the beginning of work with our service. That way we make sure our customers will get the best results!

Here’s What Happens Everything You Need to Know About Essays

What is an essay?

Essays are not minute compared to other coursework, they contribute to seventy per cent of your overall academic grade. To write a good essay, you need to conduct in-depth research on the theme. Moreover, if you have to write several essays, their presentation and content should be different and creative.

The same way Vloggers have YouTube and Musicians have SoundCloud, writers too have writing services that help them in organizing their ideas and providing inspiration.

Before diving into the attributes of a good essay, we should understand what an essay is. Articles are a brief composition that analyses a particular subject. The writing is non-fiction and clearly describe, or argue a point. As a student, you will meet essays in all your academic disciplines. Depending on your educational level, essay writing topic will be as simple as “Vacation” to complex issues like writing an informatics research paper.

Different types of essays

There are four major types of essays:

  1. A narrative piece. The purpose of this type of article is to tell a story about a real-life experience. The dissertation aims to challenge the student to describe the events as vividly as possible. The narrative is written in the first person which helps in engaging the reader.
  2. Descriptive essays.  This type of article is more like the narrative essay as it paints a picture of a person, place or object. The dissertation aims to challenge the student to communicate a deeper meaning of the subject. The writer doesn’t just talk about the thing but use colorful words to show sensory details. A descriptive essay connects with the emotions of the reader.
  3. Expository essay. This is a detailed analysis of the topic. The writer uses facts and statistics to back up their arguments. The expository essays usually give comparisons, cause, and the ‘how-to.’  There are no emotions or personal feelings involved.
  4. Persuasive essays. The purpose of this type of essay is to convince the reader to accept the writer’s point of view of a subject. The writer provides expert opinions and logical reasoning to be able to communicate their position clearly.

Apart from the above essays, other types of essays include:

  • Exemplification Essay
  • Critical essay
  • And college essays among many others.

The college essay is very popular especially for those applying for college admission. It is an essay required by the college that contains information about the student. The university will then analyze the composition and decide if a student is a good fit for the college. The essay aims to gauge the presentation skills of the student, writing skills and communication ability of the student. It is a critical task that requires intelligence, planning and exceptional presentation skills.

In the article, we discuss some of the things you need to create an excellent college essay.

What Our Customers SayWhat Our Customers Say

Yuong Loi, China Mar 02, 18

Thank you fellows for your great help. I have got A for my term paper. You gave me a chance to have an excellent performance! Ma' tutor said my paper was the best one! Thank you!

Julia, USA Feb 19, 18

I didn’t have enough time to write my essay. I am Junior and I don’t have time for such things as I have to support my family and work hard for that. You guys are AWESOME as you helped me a lot, as there was just one day for writing my essay and the topic was very specific, but after I got the result I can state that the writer knows his job and everything was done even better than I expected.

Omar, Qatar Mar 16, 18

You are brilliant! You have done such a great work in a very limited period of time. Now I know where geniuses work!!! I would like to specially say thank you for Support Stuff. You are always near and ready to help!

Allan, Germany Nov 30, 17

I am a father of two kids and I am always rushing. Your help was so immediate. Girls from Customer Support Department are very tolerant and patient and writers are worth money I've paid. I love your attitude! It was a pleasure to use your service. Will come back in a while!

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    Here’s What Happens Follow Our Advice to Write a Splendid Essay

    The Basic Structure

    Creating a college essay requires a lot of practice, but make use of the tips below to help you get started:

    Understand the prompt

    Most college essays include questions that prompt you to share your ideas or discuss the topic in focus. Read the question until you understand, take some time to brainstorm what is being asked and do not pull out your class essays to see if the topics fit.


    This is the most tedious phase of the writing process. You need to get creative by analyzing all possible ideas that will address your essay. Reflect on all your academic years and selectively set a time that demonstrates your strong abilities. Write the thoughts down so that you do not forget them and then narrow down on the concepts you think fit the application.

    Brainstorm of how you are going to start the essay, with a question, an anecdote, a dialogue or humor?

    Chose a story to tell

    From all the ideas you have narrowed down, there are those that distinctively stand out. Pick one and build a story around it. Include several supportive details to rely on that portrays your abilities, achievements, and beliefs.

    Create an outline

    A great story has a beginning and an end. Shape your account so that to include the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.  Write naturally using your own voice and plan the layout ahead of time.

    Write the essay

    Do not lose the reader. Start off with the main idea and do not use cliché phrases. Write a draft and review it to check if it includes all the facts you want to write. Include all your extra-curricular activities: sports, arts, leadership. Make sure to write all areas you believe portray your skills and achievements.

    Features of a Great Essay

    1. An excellent article has correct grammar, is simple and contains simple sentences.
    2. Draft, re-draft and revise your college essay severally. It is recommended you seek third person feedback. They will have a variety of suggestions to make, pick the positive comments that will help you make the necessary changes to your essay.
    3. Does your essay represent the profile of a person capable of adding value to the college regarding legacy?
    4. Make sure the essay is well formatted, as this will give you an edge over other bulky unformatted essays.

    Let a professional write your college essay

    To get to the best college, you need to have the best college essay. We boast of several years of experience in producing top-notch compositions. Our success is rooted in our ability to understand what colleges are looking for in an essay. Our professional writers take the time to include the minute details that cut out the competition. The team at assures every student of unique, creative and high-quality content. Our prices are unbelievably low and strictly professional thus never missing a deadline.

    In summary, reach out to our support staff available 24/7 to address all your needs. Look no further, we are the best essay service site.


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