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Essay Thinker is your trustworthy assistant in the world of writing services. Our experts can deal with any type of writing you might need at school, college or for your professional needs. These may be various essays, reports, summaries, research papers, theses and many more. Also, we offer to write CVs and resumes for those who already work.


When you work with EssayThinker you can be sure that all the personal information and financial data you share with us is effectively protected. We never sell it to any third parties nor use for advertising purposes. It is used exclusively to provide you with the best service possible. To make sure that it is safe we use secure servers and a SSL processor for all transactions.


Our professional writers are your ticket to success. That’s why we take a very close look at them before hiring. All our experts are native English speakers who do not only have a certain degree and experience in the field but also have undergone special training at the beginning of work with our service. That way we make sure our customers will get the best results!

Here’s What Happens Successful Essay Paper from Professionals

Over ninety per cent of the academic coursework involves writing.  It may be documented in essay writing, research paper writing, article writing or writing a composition.  The art of writing may not be your cup of tea, and you often face difficulties drafting your essay. You usually scribble a structure that resembles an article which results in inferior grades.

Even for the highly skilled, every time, there is a new essay assignment; there is always the question “How do I write this essay?” An excellent essay requires a strong thought thesis statement, good structure, and rich content. Furthermore, no matter how hardworking you are, you can never be good at everything. You might also be having a lot on your plate and lack time to handle the essay.

The good news is you can keep up with your class grades by asking for our writing services. All you need is a topic for your essay, and we will help you submit a custom essay, that is well written, contains no errors and holds non-plagiarized content.

Write My Essay for Me

Partnering with a professional writing consultant is the best decision. At we offer an irresistible package. Our prices are pocket-friendly, we famous for our excellent customer service, originality and quality essays.

The internet consists of many online essay writing services. Some of the services offer their packages at significantly high prices while others charge much less. Interestingly, the amount does not assure you of quality content. Some sites do not value their customer and write hurriedly producing substandard essays.  However, EsaayThinkers are different, your success is our success, and we are here because of you. Why not work with is instead.

We will divide the essay writing process into two significant steps:

  • The actual writing of the essay.
  • Proof the essay for errors, quality, and originality.

What We Offer to Our Esteemed Customers

Pick a Topic

You may have a topic assigned or given the option of choosing your topic. If you are unlucky not to have been given a topic, we require you to work on the topic. However, we help you in coming up with a theme that will provide a general overview of the subject and narrows the focus of the writer.


Once we have settled on a topic, we conduct extensive research on the subject. Doing research is an excellent way of providing collected evidence to the world and supporting the arguments. The analysis also gives the essay purpose, and the content is not bluff instead contains backed up ideas from trusted sources.

Top-Notch Thesis

A well-written essay should have a creative thesis statement that reflects on the main topic and the supporting ideas. The hypothesis tells the reader the point of the composition. It will contain two parts:

  • The first part will state the topic
  • The second part will indicate the main points of the essay

The Outline

An outline is a plan or the blueprint of your essay. It is the outline that guides the writer on how to organize opinions and how to connect the main ideas. We will plan your essay to include the following:

  • Title of the essay. The title is in bold and in-line with the main topic.
  • The introduction: the introduction should attract the attention of the reader while showcasing the focus of the essay. We always begin our introduction with an attention grabber phrase: this might be a story, a shocking fact or a dialogue. Whichever angle we choose, we ensure it ties with the thesis statement.
  • The body of the essay: the content in the body argues, describes and explains the main ideas. Each idea you gave will be a separate section within the essays’ body. The paragraphs have the same structure that is: an introductory statement of the idea, supporting points, and a few examples if necessary to link the next idea.
  • Conclusion- it is the sum up of the overall ideas while providing a final perspective.

What Our Customers SayWhat Our Customers Say

Lucky, Canada Apr 17, 18

You guys really do your best so that the result satisfies me. I am always in panic and I know that it is hard to work with me, but work with you was just a pleasure for me. Everything was done due to the date and all the requirements were followed. My thesis is perfect! Thank you with all my heart!

Yuong Loi, China Mar 02, 18

Thank you fellows for your great help. I have got A for my term paper. You gave me a chance to have an excellent performance! Ma' tutor said my paper was the best one! Thank you!

Jacob, USA Oct 11, 17

Just ordered to write my term paper here and the writer immediately started to work on it and I received my work in two days as it was planned to be done. The paper I've received was of the highest possible quality! I'M SO IMPRESSED! Thanks!

Phillip, UK Nov 05, 17

I had to write a research paper in my university and have done it for me. I have got an excellent mark and I am happy that I have asked you to do that. I will come back next year with more assignments!

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    Here’s What Happens EssayThinker Will Meet All Your Requirements

    Write My College Essay Checkpoints

    • A well-written essay attracts the most readership. Before submitting an article, we write multiple drafts before coming up with a final piece.
    • Inspect the composition from the reader’s perspective. Are all the main points covered, is the content organized in a way that provides a smooth transition? Check if the essay conveys the intended message.
    • The structure of the paragraphs and sentences. Short, clear sentences that make up a sizeable paragraph. Use of bullet points, heading, and subheadings to make the content visually appealing.
    • Proofread the essay. The essay should have no grammatical errors, and the sentences should be grammatically correct and the content 100% original.
    • If there is a specific writing format required, example A.P.A, M.L.A or Chicago, we make sure to double check if the formatting is done correctly. Will Take Care of Your “Write My Essay Request”

    There is no doubt we are the best content creators. We strive to ensure we provide the best for our customers while allocating highly-trained and competitive writers to work on your essay.  At we have:

    1. A 24/7 customer care service ready to answer your queries.
    2. We offer competitive prices in the online writing industry.
    3. Strict policies that must be followed to ensure we meet deadlines and provide quality services.
    4. Highly qualified and experienced writers with several years of experience in writing various subjects.

    In a nutshell, will help you achieve a distinguished academic record. Why choose other free writing services when the content will be distasteful and not up to standard? Our prices are very affordable for every student, the content will be delivered on time, and as a customer, you are the final judge. If the essay does not meet your requirements, you are free to ask for rewrites, amendments or any changes you need making on the essay. Moreover, your personal information is safe as we have formulated a particular privacy policy.


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    • Size:266.10 kB
    • Number of pages:4
    • Urgency:4 days
    • Academic level:High School
    • Subject area:Theatre
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    • Urgency:5 days
    • Academic level:Undergraduate
    • Subject area:Management
    Protein Albumin and Glucose Solution
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    • Number of pages:2
    • Urgency:3 days
    • Academic level:Undergraduate
    • Subject area:Chemistry
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