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Essay Thinker is your trustworthy assistant in the world of writing services. Our experts can deal with any type of writing you might need at school, college or for your professional needs. These may be various essays, reports, summaries, research papers, theses and many more. Also, we offer to write CVs and resumes for those who already work.


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Here’s What Happens Significant Task Which We Treat Respectfully

Writing a research paper is a nightmare for most students. After all, it is a long paper that will demand much of your time and organization skills. How do I make this paper stand out? What is the standard number of words, how about the formatting and the content presentation? Such ambiguous questions can make a research writing exercise a doubting task. Contrary to popular belief, a research paper is an excellent opportunity to explore your topic of interest and to gain expertise.

What Is a Research Paper?

A typical image that comes into mind for most people is the envisioning of stacks of books and articles, and the writing of the authors treasure thoughts. However, a research paper is an analysis of a specific perspective or argumentative points. Regardless of the kind of research paper you are writing, the expanded essay should be an expression of your interpretation of a concept backed up with ideas of other reputable sources like artworks, people or books.

The same way you write an academic essay based on what you understand about a subject, a research paper involves a detailed survey of information in the field of interest and writing about the subject based on what other experts know.

If hesitant about writing your research paper do not worry. is going to teach you how to approach it. Learn how to conduct the research voyage, developing the necessary research questions, proper documenting of the collected sources and the actual writing of the paper.

Reasons for Writing Research Papers

How does the human brain work?

Who are the men that built the Great Wall of China and why?

Who were the men that built America?

Answers to such questions may come automatically at the top of your head, however for many others. Get the answer to the tough questions, by going to the internet or local library to search for answers. Just put any deliberate action taken to search for answers from the library, the internet or from other is considered research. Whether you are a professor, a scientist, a paralegal or a mere parent, we encounter instances in our life that require us to perform an analysis.

Therefore, performing research helps you in solving a mystery or learning a new concept. A research paper offers an opportunity to share the evidence you have collected from the world. The paper develops a purpose for the statement with information gathered from the variety of sources.

What Our Customers SayWhat Our Customers Say

Julia, USA Feb 19, 18

I didn’t have enough time to write my essay. I am Junior and I don’t have time for such things as I have to support my family and work hard for that. You guys are AWESOME as you helped me a lot, as there was just one day for writing my essay and the topic was very specific, but after I got the result I can state that the writer knows his job and everything was done even better than I expected.

Allan, Germany Nov 30, 17

I am a father of two kids and I am always rushing. Your help was so immediate. Girls from Customer Support Department are very tolerant and patient and writers are worth money I've paid. I love your attitude! It was a pleasure to use your service. Will come back in a while!

Phillip, UK Nov 05, 17

I had to write a research paper in my university and have done it for me. I have got an excellent mark and I am happy that I have asked you to do that. I will come back next year with more assignments!

Jacob, USA Oct 11, 17

Just ordered to write my term paper here and the writer immediately started to work on it and I received my work in two days as it was planned to be done. The paper I've received was of the highest possible quality! I'M SO IMPRESSED! Thanks!

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    Here’s What Happens Steps to Writing a Research Paper

    The amount of time available to complete the intimidating paper does not matter, here are some general tips that will help you finish the article on time.

    A. Plan Your Time

    It doesn’t matter if you have a whole year of four weeks to complete the paper if you do not plan your time correctly you are destined to fail. As from the day your article is due, start planning backward and map out daily goals on your calendar. Working on your goals will ease up the tension or panic that would come if you procrastinate leading to a pile of work.

    B. Choose the Topic Wisely

    Some lectures give you the freedom of choosing your theme. If you are fortunate enough to have such an option, kindly select the subject you most familiar and comfortable. Selecting a problematic issue that is beyond your scope of interest will cause you to lack enthusiasm and thus the difficulty in completing the task. It is essential to keep your topic broad enough for you to have unlimited sources of information to conduct your research.

    C. Write a Thesis Statement

    All research papers should include a top-notch thesis statement that reflects on the main topic of the article and supports developing ideas.  Ensure your thesis implies what you are going to discuss. Example “Children coping with NVLD,” the thesis statement might look like this: “Understanding the difficulties of persons with NVLD will help reduce any miscommunication and resulting frustration.” The statement implies the paper will discuss the challenges of NVLD.

    D. Incorporate Secondary Resources

    Include more than one resource as humanly possible. The various sources will help you create a persuasive argument.

    E. Write the First Draft

    Complete your first draft then check if you included all the facts. Is the content original, what about its organization, does it flow freely?

    F. Edit

    Before submitting your paper go through it to pick up any errors. Read the content out loud to pinpoint grammatical errors or sentence structure. You can ask a friends opinion and feedback.

    Outline of the Paper

    An overview is the blueprint of your paper, and it will help you organize your opinions making the research process and the actual writing of the paper very easy. Plan your paper to include the following:

    • Title of the paper. Include the author’s name, the name of the college or company and the date of publication.
    • The abstract, this is the summary of the contents of the research paper. The words should be approximately 500.
    • Introduction- two-page background information about the main topic.
    • The body-breakdown this section into several sections tackling supporting ideas for the central theme. Depending on the nature of the research include the type of material, results obtained and a detailed discussion of the results.
    • Conclusion
    • Reference
    • Tables, figures, and an appendix

    In conclusion, a research paper requires dedication, hard work, excellent time management and much commitment. If you are busy juggling other issues in your life and wondering who can write your research paper, is your savior. With get any research paper written professionally and delivered on time. EssayThinker is a professional writing firm popular for their huge production of custom research papers. Contact our team and get help writing that research paper from scratch. We value your privacy and ensure the research paper will not only be of high quality but 100% original. At a small fee get a research paper from


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