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While working with us you can be sure that all the information you share is protected. Read more about our policy concerning privacy on this page.

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Personal Privacy Policy

When in need of our services, you are required to open an own account to help track your orders. Before creating a personal account, we require some personal information, like your email address, name, and your phone number. We understand that such information is private and measures ought to be put in place to protect your details. It’s on this that we have an encrypted system that encrypts your personal information and issues you a user identification number. Access to your encoded information is limited. Only authorized personnel like the admin are granted full permission to view your details.

Moreover, we employ a strict policy that protects our employees from accessing or sharing customer information. Any person found culpable will be charged their contract ended, and duration terminated from the company.

Quality Assurance

We believe our customer is always right and we must ensure they succeed. It is crucial for you as the customer to feel satisfied by our services and products. It is for the above reasons that you will realize the order form requires a lot of information from you the client. The details you provide on the order form, like the type of essay you want, the number of words and the resources to utilize helps us to connect you with the perfect writer. You are free to create a relationship with the writer by prescribing the details you want to be included in the essay.

Once an article is written and completed it passes through the quality assurance department. Remember the instruction you indicated on the order form? The quality assurance team is tasked with the responsibility of checking that the article meets the guidance provided by the customer. The team also reviews the quality, if it is not up to standard, the material is resent to the writer for a rewrite.

Once the essay is reviewed for quality and compliance, it is scanned for plagiarism. We believe in originality, considering the writers are professionals, the article should be 100% original. Moreover, the team edits the essay for any errors. They also proofread to ensure it has a smooth transition of ideas and well organized.

The final paper is delivered to the customer to approve if it meets their specifications. If as a customer you are satisfied by the structure and content of the essay, click on the “approve” button for the piece to be downloaded on your device. In case of any revisions, contact the writer and instruct them on what to change and it will be done almost immediately.

Secure Payments

We do not hold any customer financial details in our system for the sake of your security. However, like any other online service platform, we accept payments through debit card, credit card or PayPal. Our payment options also include third-party payment processor equipped with the latest SSL technical certification. We use the same processor favorite to many other online retailers.

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