What If I Want to Write My Essay In the Comparison Essay Style

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If you are a student, it is very likely that you are familiar with the various kinds of essay. Such kind of paper work is mostly given on college level or university and even while in high school. There can be times when a professor mentioned an essay type and you simply do not know what he is referring to. It is just fine considering that there are really lots of essay types; it can be hard to remember them all. Because of that, the usual thing to do is to go online, browse on the search engine for help and just type in the keyword: ‘write my essay’. Of course, there will be lots of help that can be found and somehow can ease the stress of the getting closer time for submission.

Comperison Essay Writing 

One kind of essay is the comparison essay. This is also referred to as contrast essay. When writing one, it is needed that you compare something or contrast something.

This comparison essay style requires the writer to emphasize on the similarities of the topic. The contrast essay on the other hand is to talk about the difference of the subject. Such kind of essay is mostly read by the readers who are looking to buy something wanting to use any service. They want to check and see which one is better.

Steps To Write Comparison Essay

When writing this essay, writers can either use the block arrangement of ideas or the point by point sequence of ideas. Among the two, the first one has fewer steps. Below is the step on how to use those.

Block organization with 4 paragraphs

Part 1: Introduction. This part, the attention of the reader must be acquired. The purpose will also be stated.

Part 2: Relate the information about the item A. An example is comparing 2 different smart phones. List the price and features

Part 3: The information given in item A must also be the same thing that item B can give.

Part 4: Conclusion. Here, there is a need to make a summary of the ideas given for item A and item B. a good impression must be left to the readers.

Point by point organization with 5 paragraphs

Part 1: Introduction: State the purpose and capture the interest of the readers.

Part 2: Mention the first difference between item A and item B.

Part 3: Write the second difference of item A and B.

Part 4: Write the third noticeable difference between item A and B.

Part 5: Conclusion: Write a summary and ensure that the readers will be left with good impression that can help them decide.

No matter which step is followed, it will still lead to a comparison essay. Hence, it is best to select the one that can suit your preference.

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