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Students often have to write research papers on various topics when in school. Writing a research paper isn’t all the time a stroll in the park for many students even if they already have a research paper example to follow. Often, students bump into various complications when writing their research papers. A research paper is a type of academic where one is expected to write on a particular topic related to his or her field of study. The writing involves a lot of research work and students often find this to be quite stressing given that they additionally have to tackle several other tasks in school.

Help With Research Paper Outline

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The first step to writing a research paper is coming up with the research paper outline. This outline basically has three major parts; the introduction body and conclusion.

The introduction

In the introduction you will state the topic and thesis statement of your research paper. You will then outline the significance of the study or research paper.

The introduction also includes the approach and methods that were used during the research. The introduction should guide you in writing a research paper introduction that will stimulate readers to want to read more of you research work. Therefore outline some few attention grabbers in your introduction.

The body

This is why you lay bare all the arguments and ideas that you have raised during the research. You should present points that support your thesis statement. To do this you list the points or ideas that you have to support your thesis statement.

Each idea should be accompanied by supporting facts and explanations. The facts should be based on evidence gathered during the research. This evidence could be from a wide variety of source both print and electronic. However it should support and be relevant to your thesis statement.

The conclusion

This basically a summary of all the points and arguments brought forth in the body. It should point to your final take on the subject of your research paper. It therefore has to be clear and precise. You can briefly summarize each point in the body.

Example of a research paper outline








Argument 1:

Argument 2:

Argument 3:




This format may vary depending on various factors chief among them specific instructions from your professor. Be sure to enquire whether there are any definite instructions that you ought to follow in your writing.

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