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Essay writing is a thing that a student has to deal with in the course of his or her writing. In simple terms an essay can be described as a scholarly or academic piece of writing. It is often written based on the writer’s point of view. A student thus is expected to have a sharp and apt proficiency in writing for him or her to be in position to adequately handle the issues that are expected to be addressed by the essay. Additionally, you have to understand the structure of essay writing so that you can excel in the writing process. You can additionally find essay help from a reliable essay writing service.

Universally essays are expected to have three parts. The first part of an essay is the introduction. This is then followed by the body. The final part of an essay is the conclusion. This parts are essential in making your writing stand out. In case you blunder in any one of these parts, you can be sure that your grade in that essay will be compromised. You therefore must give special attention to each one of these parts.

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The Introduction

This segment of the essay sets the scene and theme for the entire essay. It is not lengthy and serves the purpose of introducing and identifying the subject of your essay. It gives the reader your point of view as well as the key reason behind your writing.

The main components of this paragraph include:

  • Introductory sentence or sentences which is directly related to the subject of the essay.
  • Explanations and definition of key terms that are related to the subject of the essay
  • The thesis statement; this is a clear statement of the position that you hold in your writing.

An explanation of the focus and scope of the essay that define the content of your essay

The Body

This is a discussion of the ideas and points that are put forward in your essay. The body gives credibility to the thesis statement that you put in your introduction. It convinces the reader to accept the ideas in your essay. It therefore should be convincing and detailed.

The Conclusion

This forms the section of your essay that beautifully and cleverly wraps up the concepts that have been brought forth in your writing. It refers back to the question that your essay was addressing and makes a final statement of your ideas.

In your conclusion be sure to include:

  • A contracted summary of the thoughts presented in the essay
  • A confirmation of the thesis statement
  • A final evaluation of the significance of the argument