How to Make an Outline For an Essay – the Proper Essay Structure

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When your mind is scrambling and wondering about how to make an outline for an essay, look no further than Our professional writers have the knowledge that you require to get the work done. No matter the kind of essay that you’re writing about, you need to have an essay structure which you follow. This will assist you to summarize, and organize your content in a professional manner.

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Our professional writers have received orders where the clients require that n essay outline is provided. This definitely means that instructors and professors are now demanding that their students produce this outline, when they hand in their academic papers. Our professional writers have provided you with information that acts as a guide to write an essay structure. Sometimes it varies based on the essay that you are asked to write. Examples of essay outlines may include argumentative essay outline, persuasive essay outline, expository essay outline and others. has provided you with the basic structure below.

  • Choose an essay outline first- you can use either the standard alphanumeric structure or the decimal outline. This will be explained further below when we discuss about how to make an outline for an essay.
  • Decide if you will use full sentences or brief phrases-Many instructors prefer that you use full sentences because they provide thorough information on the topic. Maintain consistency throughout the essay. Do not mix the full sentences with the brief phrases. Make your sentences brief, and the points should be at most one line in length. If there is need to extend the point, two lines is the maximum required.
  • Make your introduction in the first paragraph- This part should contain the general information with regards to your topic and your thesis statement.  The body information is described in the second section of your essay structure. The primary sub-sections introduce another major point of your essay in this portion.
  • Write a section about your conclusion- This part returns the reader to the major thesis statement that is contained in the introduction paragraph. It discusses the thesis statement implications, its importance and also provides solutions to problems which are addressed in the essay.

Our professional writers have also provided you with the basic guide on how to make an outline for an essay. It includes:

  • Standard Alphanumeric Structure - This is the most commonly used structure. The subdivisions are identified with the use of Roman numbers which mark the major headings such as introduction, body and conclusion. The capital letters the primary points of the major sections. The Arabic numbers are used to provide more substance to the primary points. Finally the lowercase letters are used to provide further information if required. They are arranged in that order respectively.
  • Decimal Outline -This structure is similar to the alpha-numeric order, but it differs from it by using numbers to identify the sub-sections of the essay.

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