Learn to Write Literary Analysis Essay For The Application Essay Test

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When faced with a literary analysis essay writing assignment it is expected that you will examine, evaluate and present a particular work of literature in writing. This often is not an easy assignment. The writer doesn’t merely need to read the literature, you will be expected to understand it.  Analyzing literature requires time and commitment. This is however something that most student often find hard getting. When this happens, you are advised to look for professional help. Students also at times have to write an application essay.

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So what are the elements of a literary analysis essay? Any essay including an application essay has three main parts; the introduction, body and conclusion.

Steps For Literary Analysis Essay Writing


The first part of a literary analysis essay is the introduction. Your introduction has to be creatively designed to capture the attention of the reader. Other than that the introduction is expected to provide all the essential background details on the literary work being analyzed. Therefore a good introduction has the following key aspects;

  • A creative opening- this is a starting statement that is creatively crafted to stir curiosity and interest in the reader.
  • A startling detail or information- the best way to get folks to be fascinated by your essay is by giving them some unique and interesting fact in your introduction.
  • A description of the text- in your introduction tells your readers what to expect in your paper. Do this in a way that makes them want to read your writing.

The Body

This is the content that addresses the subject of your writing. It is very crucial that your body fully analyzes the literary work in a way that leaves nothing important out. There are definite facets of your body that make your work a success. First of all the structure of your paragraphs has a big impression on the end result of your work. Paragraphs in the body should have the following major parts;

A topic statement at the commencement of each paragraph to identify the major point that is being discussed

The topic sentence is followed by textual evidence to support that point. The evidence should be from the literary work being analyzed.

After the textual evidence you should then put your own explanation of the evidence. This is what is called the commentary.

The Conclusion

The final bit of a literary analysis essay is the conclusion. This will echo the main subject of your essay. This is done by reflecting on how your writing relates to the literary work that your essay analyzes. You should additionally give your personal opinion on the subject of your writing.