How to Craft the Perfect 5 Paragraph Essay

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The five-paragraph essay is quite a common paper that is dealt with in high school, colleges and universities. It is a format used in many essays to assist you to develop and organize your composition skills, and writing ideas. When you are provided with a clear essay question, this model is the best to use, especially in an examination. The paper is also used as a literal composition that expresses ideas, and concepts. This is usually backed up with supporting evidence and statements.

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5 Paragraph Essay. The Introduction Paragraph

This is the paragraph that begins your 5 paragraph essay. Its goal is to state the purpose of your essay. This is where the statement of the problem is written. The paragraph also aims to capture the interest of your readers. This will cause them to read the paper to the end. You can start the essays by providing factual statements. This will definitely pique the readers’ interests.  The paragraph also introduces your topic to your readers.

The Body

This is the segment of your essay which contains three paragraphs. This is where the main points of your essays are outlined. Each of the paragraphs supports one main idea of your thesis.

  • The first paragraph should begin by stating the idea, thereafter you should provide evidence to back up the information provided. It should also contain your strongest argument. It should relate to the thesis statement that was mentioned in the introductory paragraph.
  • The second paragraph should also entail the strongest second point that you have with regards to your 5 paragraph essay topic. The paragraphs should also have transitional sentences. They assist the reader to understand that they are about to move from this paragraph to the third paragraph.
  • The third paragraph should contain the argument which you feel is your weakest point. This paragraph should also guide your reader to recognize that they are about to move to the final conclusion paragraph.

The Conclusion Paragraph

This is the paragraph that will re-state your thesis statement. The statement should not be similar to the introduction paragraph however. It provides a summary of the three main points that you have elaborated in your paper. It provides the reader with the signal that your essay is about to come an end. It encourages the readers to take a stand based on the information they have read on the topic.

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