The Full List of Persuasive Essay Examples – Find Out How to Write

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Persuasive or argument essay writing is one of the writing that you may have to do in school. It is aimed at persuading or changing the opinion of the person who reads to come to an agreement with what write. As such, this form of writing is not easy to pull off. In addition to being proficient in your writing you ought to be a terrific communicator.  Student often find this quite a hard assignment to deal with. However even for tough assignments as this one, always has a solution to get scholars to complete their projects in a timely and efficient way.

Persuasive Essay Writing

Amazingly persuasive essay writing is not only an element of school and academic writing. If you look at most advertisement in newspapers, magazines or journals you will realize that they are a professional attempt to convince you to like or purchase a product. As such this a professional form of persuasive writing. The government and other organizations may also drive various campaigns in the print media to try and speak to the general public. Such campaigns generally persuade the public to change their opinion or to take certain action; this is what persuasive writing and essays are all about.

Choose a topic

Writing a persuasive essay will first require that you think of an issue to write on. There are diverse topics that you could pick. It is however advisable that you pick a topic that you are acquainted to or one that you can easily find information about. This being a persuasive essay you have to have hard facts to support your claims and opinions. Therefore, you ought to have enough knowledge and data on the subject. In you can find hundreds of essay examples that are persuasive in nature. Such examples will serve as an excellent guide on how to go about persuasive essay writing.

Among the many persuasive essay examples in, there is one that a student would find fun to work on. The topic revolves around written examinations in college and whether or not they are an effective measure of student’s knowledge. This is an appealing topic to many students given the fact that every student sits for and does various written test each year. This thus is a topic that a student is fully aware of and understands it fully. It is a topic therefore that a student can give personalized opinions and if properly put forward can influence the reader’s opinion about written examinations.


How then do you go about writing essays about such a topic? First you gather information that is relevant to the topic. This could be historical data as well as evidence that support your opinion about written examinations. You could also get records about the performance in written examinations compared to practical examinations. Do a comprehensive research on the topic that you are writing about. This way your opinion that you put in your essay will be supported by undeniable facts. This definitely will make the reader understand your point of view. Look at some persuasive essay examples to help you

After you have collected the data and information that you need, you then have to strategize. Drat a simple outline to guide your writing. This will help you prioritize your ideas so that they follow progressively in a logical and concise manner. It is better if you were to arrange your points beginning form the strongest and most important points first to the least important facts last.


Once you have created a draft, you now are free to begin writing guided by your persuasive essay examples or other essay examples. Your writing should be convincing. Thus use strong and confident language to explain why you feel about the way you feel about written examinations. The explanations should be clear, legible and easy to understand. Avoid including a lot of irrelevant details in your work. Once you have completed your writing, proofread and edit it to make sure that it is perfect in grammar, format, spellings and style.

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