How To Start A College Essay: Top Five Tips For College Entrance Essays

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So you’re now starting a new journey that requires an application process to college. You are definitely anxious and excited at the same time. You are looking at your personality and character, and wondering what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants. Your college essay is definitely your academic ticket into the college that you desire to join. Nothing comes easy in this world, and joining college and university is a part of your life you have to be ready for. You don’t have to be anxious anymore with the academic help that you can get from registering with We are an established writing website that has undertaken many academic documents. We are blessed to have top-notch writers who are qualified with undergraduate degrees, Masters Degrees and also PhD doctorates. We definitely don’t take for granted that as our clients, you hire us to write your college entrance essays.

College Essay Writing Tips and Guidelines

Our professional writers are ready for any assignment that you give them. They have worked on many essays than they can count. They have learnt from the writing challenges faced, the instructions provided by our clients, and also their successes. Our professional writers have developed simple tips and guidelines that will assist you with writing your college essay. They include the following:

  • Honesty- Tell your story in a personal way that evokes thoughtfulness. The story should be meaningful to you. This will make the unique talents, virtues and qualities that you have shine through. Your target audiences which are the admissions officers will definitely want to learn more about you. This will be a score for you because you will put your first foot through the door.  College entrance essays require genuineness so that your admissions officers can be impressed.
  • Un-forgettable- Make your college essay an un-forgettable one. You don’t have to sound smart in your papers. You simply need to sound like yourself. Unless you are provided a topic to write about, choose a topic that you are motivated by. Don’t sell yourself short by writing about a subject that you aren’t passionate about. The admissions officers will read right through your façade. Make your essays an experience that your readers will experience.
  • Humor- There is a short line between being humorous, and also going completely out of line to offend your admissions officers. This is a tricky part of your college entrance essays and you need to tread carefully when dealing with humor. What you might find funny to you, might sound completely offensive to an admissions officer. Kindly avoid using one-liner jokes in your essays.
  • Early Drafts- Begin to write your first drafts early. Pretend that you are an admissions officer, because this will assist you to understand what they are looking for in your college essay. You can set aside the drafts that you write, rest your minds and re-read your essays again. This will provide you with a new and improved perspective on your papers, each time.

Some Paper Writing Questions That You Should Consider Include:

  1. Is the essay interesting?
  2. Is the flow of the college essay logical and understandable?
  3. What does it reveal about you as an individual?
  4. Is it written in your own personal voice and tone?

Avoid Contradictions - Your application essays shouldn’t contradict from any other section of your application. This isn’t the time to list all your awards, test scores or grades.