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If you have recently received a definition essay, and if you are worried due to lack of experience with this type of essay, you need to stop worry right now! We here provide a step-by-step guide for you to help you write a definition essay by yourself. But, let's first see what exactly a definition essay means.

Definition essay means 

A note that defines the subject. The subject could be absolutely anything, and the definition essay defines the subject in 2 different ways:

  • Exact verbal meaning of the subject
  • Abstract meaning, or point of view

How to Write a Definition Essay 

  • Find an abstract word that is descriptive to define. A regular word with a precise meaning might not be good enough to write an essay upon, hence pick a topic that gives you enough content.
  • Try to find some argumentative word that invites a lot of thoughts and discussions. The subject should not have a clear meaning. Different types of readers should have different types of notions about its definition.
  • Pick a word you have enough knowledge about. If you have a knowledge base of your own, it would be great, and if you don't have, try to research a lot and collect vast knowledge about the subject.
  • Make sure that the argumentation and definition you have described is in synchronization to the general and most commonly known definition. You cannot afford to present the entire essay in a direction that becomes controversial because your definition doesn't match the most commonly accepted definition.
  • Start analyzing the subject's definition. In this stage, put the content in pros-cons, advantage-disadvantage, and several other contrasting ways. Keep in mind - 'while I write my essay, I need to make sure it's not something anyone can predict by simply looking at it.'
  • If you can compare something which belongs to the common field but possesses different traits would make your essay more supportive and interesting.
  • Write something about 'what the term doesn't mean'. This helps in directing the readers to what misconceptions they should surely avoid in order to understand the meaning best.
  • Different sections, supporting different arguments about your topic should be presented differently.
  • As you reach the summary part of this essay, remember that the summary should not be too elaborative. This section should be used only to mention about the key points you talked about.

What makes a definition essay effective?

Keeping the definition as close to the most accepted form would help you provide a definition essay which would not invite any controversies. Your essay should not write about content that a lot of people would disagree with.

Write in simple, concise and clear language. The sentences need not be complex in order to present you essay in a complex manner. As much error-free, clearly structured and to-the-point you write your essay that much are the chances that your essay would be liked and accepted. Look at some good definition essay examples to see what made them impressive.

If you present facts that support your discussion, it would make it more appealing. Try to include examples, phrases, facts, references, and anecdotes that support your content. This makes it a more authentic piece of reading.

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