How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay in 3 Simple Steps

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To a lot of students who have entered college afresh, compare and contrast essay looks like a new term. That's absolutely nature and perfect to wonder, because these essays aren’t very common to be known. Such essays are complex and need an intelligent way of writing. These are unlike any general explanatory essays which regular descriptions in a basic level, but require analysis.

What Exactly Is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

To put the definition in simple words, a compare and contrast essay compares and contrasts two separate topics mentioned in the essay. The topic could be anything, person, object, place, or any miscellaneous thing. In most of the cases, the two elements are of the same nature and field. The students are asked to present their analysis of the comparison and contrast.

Write a compare and contrast essay in 3 steps

Although writing a compare and contrast essay takes practice, time and brainstorming, but for quick writing of a compare and contrast essay we have compiled 3 steps for you. Following them in detail, and practicing them would make you have a good hold over them in future.

  • Define subject or thesis-statement
  • List down traits
  • Compare and contrast traits

If you have to pick two elements yourself for the compare and contrast essay, try to find two elements from the same field. This would make it easy for you to compare and contrast, as it would give you numerous traits for comparing. As soon as you have decided on the two elements you want to compare, think of a thesis-statement. This statement is in the form of a question that you are going to address while comparing your elements. This gives the reason for your putting such an essay together.

List down traits:

As soon as you know the scope and focus area of your compare and contrast essay, start listing down the common as well as different aspects of your elements. Everything that looks common should be listed at one side, while everything looking separate should be put aside. You may list down these things in a rough draft at this stage, as we would be putting these separately at the later stage.

Compare and contrast the listed traits:

This is the organization part of the essay. Dissect your essay into two parts. First should explain about the background, aspirations, and personality traits of the first element, while the second should write about the background, aspirations and personality traits of the second one.

After doing this, write down the background of A and B at one side, aspirations of A and B aside, and personality traits of A and B on the other side. This compares all the three things in systematic manner and makes it easy for the readers to locate the comparison and contrast. for professional Contrast and Compare essays

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