How to Cite Research Paper In MLA Research Paper Format

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Your instructors and professors have just given you an assignment to undertake. Your mind is boggling around wondering about how to cite research paper. Your research paper is the document that provides your instructors with an idea of how much information you have grasped. This is with regards to the topics that you have studied in class, and during practical assignments. Deciding on a topic that will suit your MLA-style research paper might be frustrating for you.

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The topic that you choose must be relevant, and there must be information that you can rely upon based on the subject you are discussing. For the paper to be interesting to the readers, you must also be passionate about it too. You must also find a way to be objective as you write your papers. There are times though when this might be quite difficult for you. This is where comes in. Our professional will deal with the academic stress that you face. They have well-versed knowledge on the MLA research paper format.

Research Paper Basic Guidelines

This format is also referred to as the Modern Language Association. It is used in the humanities area of study and also literature. Humanities studies include history, religion, philosophy and others. With our professional writers, you no longer have to ask yourself about how to cite research paper. has the basic MLA guidelines that you need to work on your academic papers. Our professional writers have outlined the basic guidelines below. They include:

  • Double space your work. All your text in the paper, notes, “works cited” list and notes should be double-spaced.
  • Margins.Your margins should be one-inch apart at the left, right, bottom and top of your paper.
  • Use citations as acknowledgments of direct and indirect quotations used in your research paper. If possible use memorable and catchy phrases for your in-text citations.
  • Have a work cited page that references the sources that you have used in your papers.
  • Underline or italicize book titles, newspapers, television programs, song excerpts etc and place them within quotation marks.
  • Write the page numbers on the upper right hand corner of your paper. This is important to every MLA research paper format.
  • Use the present tense to present quoted material in your papers. Past tense should only be used when quoting a direct passage that is already in the past tense.
  • In-text citations.You can cite by referencing another individual’s words with the author’s last name as it appears in the source. You should exclude titles such as Mr., Miss, Dr, and others. E.g. (Peacey 333). When it is more than one author it is (Newman, Cramer, Benis, and Banya 814) or (Newman et. Al. 814)
  • Referencing. With the MLA research paper format you should arrange it in the following order, if the book you have used is written by one author. All the others cited in your body, should appear in your “works cited” page.

Hyde, B. Perspectives on Literature: The New Historical Criticism in America. Peoria: Bancroft, 1992.

When you follow these basic guidelines provided by professional writers, you won’t have to worry about how to cite research paper again.