How To Do A Research Paper Outline and Choose The Best Research Paper Topics

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Writing research papers is something that every student has to do at least once during college training.  Writing can be on many diverse topics but basically a research paper entails a student finding the best research paper topics related to his or her studies in college and looking into them thoroughly. The findings of his or her investigations are presented in a research paper.

Research Paper Writing Is Complex but There Is Perfect Help for It

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Writing an Outline for Your Paper

Before you begin your writing however it is important for you to have an outline. Outlining a research paper is crucial since it will help you determine the structure as well as the contents of your research paper topics. The outline helps the writer build his or her paper as well as organizing it so that his or her arguments and data lead to an agreeable and logical conclusion. By coming up with a proper research paper outline the writer will be saving him or herself the trouble of dealing with tangents, underdeveloped paragraphs as well as logical fallacies.

The basic structure of a research paper outline includes an introduction, body and finally a conclusion. This however may vary depending on the instructions given. You are thus advised to liaise with your professor on what parts he or she expects you to include in your paper and outline, including how to do a research paper outline.

The Introduction

This part of your research paper outline contains the thesis statement of your writing. This is the topic that your paper seeks to address. Additionally the introduction should clearly bring out the purpose of your writing. It should let the reader understand the significance of the study presented in the paper. The introduction may also include the approach that you used to gather information regarding the topic. You could additionally include some of the major points that are addressed in the paper.

Some scholars capture the attention of the reader by telling a short but related story that acts as the attention grabber. This gets them the best research paper results. The story could be of historical context or may be statistical in nature. Nonetheless it must be openly related to the topic of your research paper. It must also be interesting enough to stir curiosity in the readers that make them want to know more about your study.

The Body

This is where all the arguments that support your thesis statement of the research paper should be outlined. Here you will clearly list all the main points that are addressed by your paper. You could also include some of the strong examples and pieces of evidence that you have to support your argument.

After each point that you have, make a list of the details and explanations that support that point to ensure you get best research paper. These details must be true and be from reliable sources.

The Conclusion

Essentially in the conclusions you will summarize all your argument and bring out clearly your last stand. You however must state why you have arrived to the said conclusion. To do so you can very briefly mention each point mentioned in the body. You could also suggest further reading for the reader if he or she wishes to learn more from similar research paper topics. can help you find some of the best research paper topics. Here are some research paper topics for you to choose from:

  • animal rights
  • traffic accidents
  • education system
  • drug abuse