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When you are given a research paper to write by your lecturers and professors, you might be going bonkers. This is because you recognize the amount of work that is required to get the work completed. The argumentative research paper is a document that sets out to argue for a specific topic. It uses reasoning, and avoids emotion at all costs in order to pass across a message on a debatable issue. It explores two sides of the topic, and as the writer you are expected to pick a side that you support.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics is the best services that you need for argumentative research papers. Our writers will assist you throughout the writing process. They can assist you to choose unique research paper topics, and also go further to write the assignments for you. It is of uttermost importance that you select the best topics for your argumentative research paper.

Our professional writers have made a list below of topics that you can choose from. You can get various research paper topics related to education, technology, music, sports, gender and others. They include the following:

  • Plagiarism is completely forbidden in universities and colleges. It is becoming a rampant affecting the education system. Is it getting worse?
  • Should schools offer their students awards and cash bonuses for good test scores?
  • Creativity is important in the growth of students academically and socially. Are the schools providing enough opportunities for creativity?
  • Are illegal immigrants children entitled to a public education?
  • Schools have set up disciplinary measures to ensure their students are responsible within their compounds, and outside. How should schools deal with students who misbehave? Should they be allowed to use corporal punishments?
  • Bullying affects many schools, and the community. How should schools address the bullying situation?
  • Building social skills within a student community is vital to their growth in life. This is usually done through events such as proms, sports activities and others. Are these social events worth it?
  • Scholarships are vital to students in order to reduce the financial costs of tuition fees. What criteria should be used to award college scholarships?
  • Society expects that everyone should receive college education. How vital is it to receive college education?
  • Technology is expected to make life easier. In reality it seems to make people more alone, and reserved. Discuss this.
  • Social media has become a norm within society. Should what you state in your social site be grounds for getting fired?
  • Identity theft has become a nuisance for many online users. Should individuals be allowed to hide their identities?
  • Academic learning has infiltrated the technological system. Is the online learning system better than the face-to-face learning?
  • Video games are infiltrating our homes. Should it be considered a sport?
  • The film industry is a major money-making industry. What are the most inspiring movies that you have watched in the past year?
  • Parents have high expectations that their children should go to school and succeed in everything that they do. Discuss if they place more pressures on their sons to succeed than daughters, and vice versa.
  • Fashion is a booming industry that affects image. Does it place too much pressure on girls to maintain “perfect” bodies?
  • Sexual violence is not only becoming a physical rampant offense. How can we curb this?
  • Women demand for equal opportunities and rights with men. Should the number of women allowed to join the armed forces increase?
  • Awards and titles are a big issue when it comes to competitive sports. Should they be revoked once athletes and other competitors are caught doping?

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