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Essays never clear off the students' desks, and as much one practices, the hard-work also doesn’t make any essay look different. Students often wonder 'How to write my essay?’ Keeping this in mind, we will quickly jump-off to the subject of writing some impressive essays. Let's start looking at what it takes to bring about a great essay, that actually pulls the professor's eyes, and not end up in a trash bin.

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Three things you need to know about a great essay is

  • An attractive topic
  • A rich and different content
  • A clear and professional presentation


This is the key reason why your essay gets some readership. Unless your essay has an impressive and useful subject-line, it is very unlikely that it would be read full-length. Topic should be from a field that interests you a lot, so that you aren't bored writing it, and can confidently put content related to it. If you pick a topic that isn't something you like writing about, most likely that would be reflected in your essay too.


The content ideally has several parts to be written:

  • Start your essay with a catchy introduction. This should be written in a way that the readers understand what's coming next, and how much value they would find in the content you present.
  • Before writing the final content, make sure you write a rough draft with the key points you want to elaborate in your essay. After the introduction, the next phrases should present different ideas compiled differently. Everything that sounds similar should be compiled in one side. If you separate the same content into different sections, it would give a message to the readers that probably you don't have a lot of content and hence they might drop out reading.
  • Conclude and summarize your essay by writing only the points that reveal the outcome of your entire presentation. At times, readers start by reading just the summary to find out the result of the essay; and if they find some value in it, they go about reading it. Hence, like introduction, the conclusion should also address the most important points.


  • Any essay that looks loosely presented and bulky makes the readers leave reading it as soon as they start reading. The essays that have a lot of heading and sub-headings with clear presentation get more readership as it's easy for them to figure out what you are trying to say.
  • Make sure you proofread your essay multiple times. Bad grammar and language delivers a bad message to the readers about your grasp over language. As much good you try to write, if you make any language-related mistake, the entire impression would be gone down. Always remember this - 'While I write my essay, I need to look at the presentation as the foremost important element'.

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