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Revision Policy

To be able to provide 100% satisfaction to every transaction is what we always aim for.

As a reputable Сompany, we are always striving hard to make every effort count. We do whatever is required just to achieve the satisfaction of the clients. There might be instances when the client request for a revision to the completed work. Hence the policy below for such cases is as follows:

  • Revision is a benefit that we offer to all our clients regardless of the order that they made. However, it is important to remember that the directions requested must not differ from the original instruction stated at the time of the initial order. An example is if the original instruction only specifies 10 references but when you asked us to revise it, you already asked for 15 references then it clearly means that it already differs from the original instruction. If you wish to proceed with the request for revision, it will already incur an extra charge that will be billed to your account. To further discuss the amount associated with the revision, it would be advisable to get in touch with the Support Team.
  • If you are not satisfied with the completed order and you want a revision that still follow the original request, the revision can be acquired without any extra charge.
  • The time period allotted to ask for revision is within 7 days of the order receipt. Please be reminded that any revision request sent after the 7 day period will already cost an additional payment. The charge detail can further be discussed by the Support Team.
  • When you ask for revision and you no longer want the previous writer to process the changes, we can accommodate your request by assigning a different writer.

You can always guarantee that even though we offer free revisions, it does not mean that our finished papers are no good. We offer such privileges just to prove our customers that we are committed in giving customer satisfaction. We shall make the revision until the customer is already satisfied.


At, we are much honored that only top notch papers are offered to customers. Then again, if the paper you received does not meet your requirements, we are more than happy to revise it.


If your revision request adhered to our main conditions below, you can enjoy unlimited and free revisions.

  1. The request for revision must not contradict or differ from the original requirements. Our quality assurance team will determine if such requirement is met. Otherwise, the request can be discarded or can advise you that you need to pay extra for it to be processed.
  2. If you intend to send request for revision, you need to send a written form with the improvements that you wish to be done on your paper. We only accept written request through chat, email and phone. The written request must be forwarded to the Support Team. The request can be sent before approving the paper or within the 7 day period after the approval of the paper.  If the order is more than 20 pages, you are entitled to submit the revision request within the next 14 days after the order approval.
  3. It is good to remember that revisions can be requested at any time when it is ready for viewing. Yet it would be advisable to review the document first before approving it. If in some cases when the preview mode cannot clearly be read, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Support Team. They are available 24/7 and can assist in changing the preview format to your convenience. If you already approved the order and still require revision, you can still do so within 7 days or if your order is more than 20 pages, 14 day period is given.
  4. Please bear in mind that we always want to satisfy the requests of our customers. That is exactly why we offer such kind of revisions unlimited and without the extra charge so long as it will meet the terms mentioned above.


For cases when your revision request does not meet the stated terms above or you need further instruction that must be fulfilled or additional pages, you need to make another order. When you make another order, please always be clear and concise with the instruction so as to prevent uncertainty. Another option that you can make instead of making a new order if you would only require additional pages is to just make an extra payment for the extra pages needed.


The request for revision will be paid if:

  • The writer has already started working on the order and the customer has changed the instructions.
  • The customer received feedbacks or comments from the professor and such comments imply additional information and extra pages to be added. With such, the Customer Support Manager will review the paper and will also coordinate it with the writer.
  • The customer unintentionally provided wrong information and some parts of the paper need to be changed yet he failed to contact Support Team. Please be reminded that the Support Team must be contacted within 2 hours after the payment process or else, additional payment is required.
  • If the customer stated that there must be specific resources that should be used yet these sources are not offered for free. The customer should buy it and send details to us or additional payment is provided so as for us to purchase the resources. If is not able to get the response from the customer regarding the paid resources, the writer will just use the available resources and if the customer sends additional resources when the writer already started working, it will be considered revision request and it will be a paid one.


If you already approved the completed order and later on decided that you need revisions, you can still request one. Please remember the 7 day period given after the date of approval or 14 day period for orders with more than 20 pages. For such cases, revisions must be discussed with the Support Team. Once the given 7 day or 14 day period has passed, it already means that you are satisfied with the paper as no free revisions can be requested any more. If the period allotted already passed and you need revision, you already need to place a new order. It can be to order proofreading or editing service.