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Customers and users of automatically agree to the following condition:

  • Use of our products: our products are to be strictly used for research and reference purposes. will not tolerate any form of unethical usage arising from the client’s side.
  • Information for contact: Customers should provide accurate contact information to facilitate on-time delivery. The Company will not be liable for any delays caused by clients wrong contact information.
  • Order cancellation: when a Customer decides to cancel an order for one reason or the other, he or she is free. When the cancelled order was already paid for and assigned to a writer, it’s the Company to decide whether to give a refund or not. There is a percentage that is given back depending on how far the writer has worked on a product. When a Customer cancels an order he has another option to save the amount for future orders.
  • Resource materials: has a library of excellent resource materials. But where a Customer instructs that special research materials be used, writers will exactly do so. Customers can send the materials via email where our writers will upload and begin using them. These materials should be provided within stipulated time frames to avoid any delays and inconvenience. Where the Customer instructs the writer to get the material, he or she will have to incur an additional cost. writers are not allowed to buy a research material where the service is not informed.
  • Client Instruction:
  • It’s the client’s responsibility to provide accurate information in the order form. When the instructions and requirement are vague and a writer requests for clarification and a Customer dose not reply, he will not be responsible if work presented is unclear. Customers will be given free revision where instructions are not contradicting. But where instructions do not match, they will incur an additional cost.
  • Plagiarism: does not tolerate any form of plagiarism from writers. Before a delivery is made, papers have to go through a plagiarism check. Where a Customer puts forward a plagiarism compliant, it’s the responsibility of to revise it.
  • Technical issues: where deliveries are delayed due to technical hitches, Internet provider interruption and other issue that cannot be controlled, will not be liable.

All Customers placing orders with automatically agree to provisions of the disclaimer.

Our main business is to offer quality paper writing. We equip our Customers with all the necessary information to avoid any sorts of disagreements. We welcome questions from Customers and are always ready to answer them.

Customers Acknowledgement

When a Customer places an order with, he or she agrees that he has read and understood the terms and conditions. Any Customer that requires further certification should send a request for an approval. We continue to insist that our products are only used for research and reference purposes. No way will our products affect the grade you get.

Payment Agreement

Once you accept our terms and conditions, you permit to charge your credit card for the amount indicated in your order.

Order cancellation

If you wish to cancel your order you are free to do so in writing. Send your cancellation request via email and we will stop it. This should be done before the writer starts working on the paper meaning immediately. Where your cancellation requests violate our user Agreement, automatically rejects it.

Delivery deadlines and reasons for delay

On-time delivery is what we guarantee our Customers. Our writers work day and night to ensure deadlines are met and papers delivered. Where deliveries are delayed due to Customer mistakes, will not be responsible.

Here are instances where delays occur due to Customer failings.

Verification of billing information

Customers should provide accurate billing information and verify it via email to ensure compliance with anti-fraud policy.

Communication via email

The email is one of the communication channels we use to reach our Customers. Where a question, clarification or concern is addressed via email and not replied to, writers will not be responsible for future delays. Customers will not be given a refund.

Contact via phone

Writers can call anytime to enquire from Customers. It is their responsibility to answer any calls and if not, it is considered as neglect from their side.


Change of the original instructions amounts to editing at a fee. A Customer has to place a new order under the editing category.

Clear instruction and specification of sources

When placing an order, Customers must provide accurate instructions and requirements. Where special research materials are needed, the Customer has to provide them within the following time frame:

  • 8 hours after an order has been send if the paper requires 48 hours to 14 days of completion
  • Within 1 hour for orders with 12 to 24 hours of time
  • Within 30 minutes if the lead time is only 12 hours or less

Academic level

Customers when placing an order should provide the right academic level. Where a mistake is done, Customers have to report immediately for correction. Additional charges will occur if Customer delays.


Until an order has been completely paid for, it will remain pending and no writer will be assigned.


Our deliveries are made on time. Where there are any delays arising, we either recalculate the price or make partial refund to cover time delivery difference. Another option we provide for Customers is save their money for the next or future orders.

Legal Tender

As a Customer, you are responsible for abiding laws of the state regarding to purchase of custom papers. Any attempt to use stolen credit will be reported to the authorities and an investigation opened. Ordering with implies that product usage is for research and reference purposes.

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